NMPA Gold & Platinum Program

NMPA Gold & Platinum Program

Since 2007, NMPA’s G&P Program honors the songwriters behind today’s most popular music. NMPA certifies songwriters of RIAA certified singles. RIAA counts both sales and on-demand streams towards its Gold (500K), Platinum (1M) and Multi-Platinum (2M+) thresholds.

In coordination with RIAA, NMPA maintains a database of all awards and certifications also notifying songwriters and music publishers that they have been certified.

RIAA certifies songs Gold & Platinum with a sales audit of each title conducted by Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman. Once a title’s sales (downloads) has been audited and verified as having reached requisite levels, a formal certification report is issued and sent to the title’s record company. NMPA then notifies appropriate songwriters and music publishers. Each publisher of certified single must be a member of NMPA to be certified. If the publisher is not a member, they will have the opportunity to become one to receive their certification.

NMPA provides the opportunity for publishers to purchase a plaque. The plaque costs $165 to produce plus shipping. G&P presentations are made throughout the year.

For more information or questions please contact:
Katie McClenny
Director of Communications and Gold & Platinum Program
National Music Publishers’ Association

  • = GOLD
Multi-Platinum Kyle Ispy Joshua Portillo May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Gold G-Eazy Let's Get Lost Gerald Gillum May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Gold G-Eazy Let's Get Lost Gerald Gillum May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Platinum G-Eazy Let's Get Lost Kanye West May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Platinum Josh Turner Long Black Train Josh Turner May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Gold G-Eazy Lotta That Darold Durard Brown May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Gold G-Eazy Lotta That Gerald Gillum May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Gold Khalid & Normani Love Lies Khalid Robinson May 8, 2018 Sony/ATV
Multi-Platinum Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel Bob Dylan October 7, 2013 Special Rider
Gold Rascal Flatts Rewind N/A N/A August 30, 2014 Spirit