NMPA Gold & Platinum Program

NMPA Gold & Platinum Program

Since 2007, NMPA’s G&P Program honors the songwriters behind today’s most popular music. NMPA certifies songwriters of RIAA certified singles. RIAA counts both sales and on-demand streams towards its Gold (500K), Platinum (1M) and Multi-Platinum (2M+) thresholds.

In coordination with RIAA, NMPA maintains a database of all awards and certifications also notifying songwriters and music publishers that they have been certified.

RIAA certifies songs Gold & Platinum with a sales audit of each title conducted by Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman. Once a title’s sales (downloads) has been audited and verified as having reached requisite levels, a formal certification report is issued and sent to the title’s record company. NMPA then notifies appropriate songwriters and music publishers. Each publisher of certified single must be a member of NMPA to be certified. If the publisher is not a member, they will have the opportunity to become one to receive their certification.

NMPA provides the opportunity for publishers to purchase a plaque. The plaque costs $165 to produce plus shipping. G&P presentations are made throughout the year.

For more information or questions please contact:
Katie McClenny
Director of Communications and Gold & Platinum Program
National Music Publishers’ Association

  • = GOLD
N/A N/A N/A Robin Lerner January 1, 1970 N/A
Multi-Platinum One Direction Story of My Life John Ryan January 1, 1970 BMG
Multi-Platinum Iggy Azalea Fancy Charlotte Aitchison January 1, 1970 EMI
Gold Troye Sivan Fools Phillip (Pip) Norman January 1, 1970 Big Deal Music
Gold Selena Gomez Back To You Micah Premnath January 1, 1970 BMG
Gold Selena Gomez Back To You Diederik Van Elsas January 1, 1970 BMG
Gold Selena Gomez Back To You Parrish Warrington January 1, 1970 BMG
Platinum Selena Gomez Fetish Jonas Jeberg January 1, 1970 BMG
Gold Selena Gomez Fetish Jonas Jeberg January 1, 1970 BMG
Gold Sleeping With Sirens If I'm James Dean, You're Audrey Hepburn William Barham January 1, 1970 BMG